Join Heritage today to restore balance and start limiting government

Washington liberals have been touting a “balanced approach” to fixing the American economy.

But so far all they’ve given us is:

  • Tax increases for all working Americans and plans for $1 trillion in new tax increases
  • $29,691 of federal spending for every household in America
  • Full implementation of Obamacare, which will cost taxpayers $1.85 trillion
  • Nearly four years without a budget agreement

That’s not balance. That’s tax-and-spend liberalism, and it’s driving us further and further from our Founders’ vision of a constitutional, limited government.

The problem is clear: our leaders in Washington not only have an over-taxing problem—they also have an over-spending problem.

The fact is, Washington is spending more money than ever . . . $3.6 trillion in fiscal year 2013! And spending will only continue to grow.

More spending means more government power concentrated in the hands of Washington bureaucrats. It means you have less and less control over your own life. It means our children and grandchildren will face ever-higher taxes.

We are on an unsustainable path. We must restore balance now.

Heritage’s plan to cut $150 billion and work towards a balanced budget

The Heritage Foundation experts have identified $150 billion in cuts to federal spending that can get America on a path to a balanced budget and a more limited government.

These 71 specific and targeted cuts would:

  • Slash $11 billion in overpayments and waste
  • Eliminate $18.5 billion in Washington-directed education spending
  • Cut $15.1 billion in funding to launch Obamacare exchanges and other federal health programs—on our way to repealing Obamacare altogether
  • And weed out unneeded or harmful programs like energy subsidies and foreign aid

Better still, this plan will allow us to fully fund our national defense, a key obligation of our government under the Constitution.

And this plan fits into our Saving the American Dream plan, which cuts spending . . . lowers and simplifies taxes . . . reforms runaway government programs . . . and fundamentally limits the size and scope of the federal government.

Last year, Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced a budget based directly on Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan. With your support, we can continue to educate lawmakers about the importance of cutting spending and limiting government.

How you can make this plan a reality and start limiting government

Time is limited. If we don’t act now, lawmakers will use the Obama tax hikes as a reason to spend even more. We must get this plan into the hands of our lawmakers and make sure they understand—before it’s too late.

Join us today and start reining in big government.

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