2014 is a critical year for conservatives

Conservative values must be at the forefront of every debate in the coming election year. We must change America’s course next year and for years to come. Your support for The Heritage Foundation is needed now more than ever to ensure that conservative ideas win the day.

You can lead the charge in 2014

Your year-end support will equip Heritage to:

  • Unite the conservative movement around America’s first principles as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
  • Encourage congressional conservatives to stand firm against radical Obama administration policies that would raise taxes, impose vast new regulations, constrain American sovereignty, and continue to gut our armed forces. We will provide them with the facts and data they need to counter the well-funded liberal machine.
  • Continue the battle to repeal Obamacare and replace it with patient-centered health care based on the principles of free enterprise and limited, constitutional government.
  • Deploy our 14 policy centers to perform rigorous and focused research in all areas of domestic, legal, and foreign policy—from health care to Supreme Court cases to national defense—and then take our findings to policy leaders, media outlets, business forums, and political symposiums across the country.
  • Build a stronger network among all 639 state and local conservative organizations, providing our movement with new weapons against big government at a grassroots level.
  • Champion conservative ideas through media appearances on cable TV, nationally syndicated radio programs, local and national newspapers, and online media like Facebook and Twitter, making a strong case for America’s founding principles and winning over broader swathes of the American people.

Stand with Heritage

Your donation to Heritage by December 31 will have even greater impact to make conservative victories a reality as we enter this important election year. To put this plan of attack into action and advance your conservative values, we are asking Heritage supporters like you to make a generous contribution towards our $1,000,000 online goal by midnight on December 31.

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